Biotrue provide with the health and comfort to my eye.

Joanne Lee

After trying out the Biotrue one day contact lenses I experienced 3C, convenient, comfortable, and confident. Biotrue Contact Lenses allowed me to wear and dispose it daily, conveniently.  Now my life is easier&clearer than ever!

Janice Saw

High moisture and 78% water content make eye much more even comfort and bling my eyes!

Fion Tan

Biotrue provide with the health and comfort to my eye.

Emily Chai

High moisture and 78% water content make eye much more even comfort and bling my eyes!

Javin Ong

I forget that I’m wearing them! It doesn’t irritate or dry out my eyes like other brands do. Equally impressive is how my vision is as sharp at night as it is during the day!

Messy Envy

Best thing about the lens is that it feels like you’re wearing nothing. Say bye bye to your spectacles! No more hassle worrying about where you left those specs!

Gideon Yoong

This brand of the contact lens more oxygen than other brands

Geena Yew

Fresh and clear

JessVine Lui

I have tried Biotrue ONEday lens and it is so comfortable when I have my outdoor activities.

YuanYin Mok

I don’t feel dry throughout the whole day of wearing it. Is pretty moisture than other daily contact lens. Love it so much ????

Lim Waiteng

I am working as financial advisor and sometimes will work over 12 hour, after tried wear Bio true ONEday lenses has helped me greatly, very comfortable and my eyes don’t feel irritated anymore. Super product, thank you!

Ciwa Wong

Soft,comfortable and more hygiene to my eyes for all day long.Feel like not wearing any lenses

Christina Sheryl

Biotrue OneDay lens is simply amazing!

Rex Choo

GREAT! These contacts are the best for my dry eyes. They are also so much better for your eyes and comfortable!

Gwendolyn Ai

It is comfortable for a day to night wear. It barely feels like i’m wearing anything.

Su Ping Ong

Whether it’s a Monday cooped up in the office, a late Friday night out, or an exciting weekend outdoors, I can count on my Biotrue ONEday lenses to get me and my eyes through it all in comfortably clear vision. Bye-bye dry eyes!

Nur Awatif

High water content that surely provide comfort and longer hours of wearing.

Farah Ain Mohamad

Very convenience for wear and tear. Bring confident to glasses people

Choké Soo Sun-Ivy



Evon Ho

As my previous experience, other lens which I wore always feel dry and uncomfortable.  After I know about this lens, I really interested and try it out. Omg it was really awesome, it feel fresh all the day even I’m in the office.

Annelies Wdiary

So comfy and natural. Almost forget it’s actually a lens.

Masturina Sidek

The moisture of the lens which make my eyes moist and comfortable for a long hours. Love it.

Michelle Wong

Biotrue has allowed me to comfortably wear my contact lenses all day long. I call it the fountain of youth for contact lenses!

Ainz Fei

It’s comfy

Daniel Yuen

I haven’t get to try for this lens & I’m wishing to try it out soon. I actually like about the high water content of this lens as my eyes get dry easily.

Hwang Xin Yi

Its comfortable ,  feshionable ,  it protect our eye and look great when used it.

Nur Hasqah

It makes your eyes feel comfortable even wearing it for all day long and it is very suitable for people who works long hours in air-conditioner environment.

Jennice Csf

Daily dispose function

Stephanie Low